So... What's a Back-Up?..

If the height of your artwork, for example a 2" canvas, is greater than the rabbet depth of a frame, for example 1", you'll want to add a minimum of a 1" Back-Up.  This will add the appropriate amount of height to your frame so that is covers your artwork entirely (from the side.)  In other words, if you were standing next to your framed artwork once it's hung on the wall, you wouldn't want to see your canvas sticking out the back of the frame.  This is why when you order with America West Frames, we will ask you for the "length x width x height" of your artwork, so that your custom designed frames fit  your artwork professionally, that is, perfectly!

Below you'll find many choices for your backup, in a variety of sizes and styles. Back-Ups are joined and sanded with your frame at the very first steps in production and handcrafted with quality gilding and finishing. The transition from your frame to your backup will be seamless, and graceful!

Here are some examples & a gallery of Back-Ups for you to choose from- feel free to ask for help anytime!

Back-Up Gallery

A Flush BackUp will be 'flush' with the frame and will add no width to your frame.

A Step BackUp will 'step-out' a bit and will add about 3/8" to your width.