We offer a full palette of standard clay colors and we accept requests for custom clay colors and blends!

Red &


















- Clay colors can be used independently -

to achieve a bold and vibrantly colored frame with a contemporary flair~

     -- Clay colors can be used in pairs or beneath stains and gilding --

 to achieve a rich depth of color offering texture, saturation, and subtle hues--       


Every Frame

 can be Designed

to Fit the Artist

to Feature the Artwork &

to Set the Tone for the Art's Story!


Clay Finishes

Gloss Clear        Wax & Buff         Matte Clear


     --Notice how the light reflects differently on each sample above.

From Left to Right:

Gloss Clear: This finish provides the most durable preservation of your custom art frame, and provides an elegant sheen that compliments the reflective nature of Gold, Silver, and Copper metal leaf inlays and accents as well as luminescent paintings and color schemes.

Wax and Buff: This finish provides a nice sheen without being too glossy or reflective- the perfect presentation for many frames and the perfect complement to many paintings.

Matte Clear: This finish preserves the frame efficiently, while providing that grittier matte finish that will scatter light to ensure less glare for the viewer and  photography and complements paintings with a darker or more grounded color scheme or subject matter with a matte counterpart.

Sample Images for Clay Blends & Finishes

 12 Karat Frame w/ Black & Blue Clay underneath