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 Ordering Your Frame   ~  Required Selections:

  1.  Frame #Number#

  2. Frame Style

  3. Dimensions of the Art Work You're Framing --  L x W x H

  4. Color of Stain, Clay, Leaf or Combinations

  5. What Kind of Finish?



     6.  Would you like an Insert, Liner, or Fillet? - Linen or Gold?

     7.   How much Clay do you want showing through?

     8.   Do you need a  Back Up?

     9.   Would you like a Name Plate? (If so, which size, fonts, and orientation?)

    10.  Would you like any installation hardware or wiring?

                  (specify orientation please : vertical/portrait  or  horizontal/landscape)


***Name ~ Email ~ Phone ~ Shipping Address ~ 50 % Payment after confirming your order