We are really excited to share with you all the great additions and opportunities we have at America West Frames to help you and your art be successful! We are also really enjoying attending art shows to get to know more of  you and your artwork face-to-face.  We would like to share those experiences with you, and keep you up-to-date on some of the innovative styles and designs we've been creating in our workshop ~ Our production staff are all artists too, and it's our honor and pleasure to share our work with you, and to work together to creative collaborative pieces of artwork that have added depth and completion once they are mounted with the custom America West Frame!


America West Frames Newsletter - July2019.pdf
America West Frames Newsletter - June 2019.pdf

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Recently Attended Shows

"Prix de West" Gallery

"Confucius in Smoky Silhouette"       &       "Changing Imprint of Summer"

also painted by Curt Walters and framed at America West Frames


Artist and Sculptor Oreland Joe, Sr. had 4 pieces in the 2019 "Prix de West"


36" x 18" Oil

"Warriors of the Crescent Moon"

18" x 24" Oil

"Telling Stories of the Old Times"

28" x 14" x 13"  Italian Marble

"Sun Mountain Buffalo Hunt"

24" x 28" Oil


Randal M. Dutra,

Accomplished Wildlife Artist &

Hollywood Visual Effects Master

also had 2 paintings featuring

America West Frames at "Prix de West"

"Cover of Night - Cougar"

30" x 40" Oil on Belgium Linen

"Adagio - Black Necked Stilts"

20" x 24" Oil on Belgium Linen

We will be adding more inspiring photos and exhibition re-caps

here in the future so stay posted!

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