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Choose a Red Mahogany Stain and a Copper Metal Leaf Lip... and VOILA!

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Wood-Stain  Finishes

When You Choose A Natural Wood-Stained Frame,

You'll Want to Also Choose the Right Finish

"Wax & Buff" - This is our lightest wood stain finish that preserves the wooden frame and the stain, while still revealing the porous texture of the wood grain with its very smoothly sanded presentation.

"Matte Clear" - This finish preserves the frame efficiently, while providing that grittier matte finish that will scatter light to ensure no glare, as well as a slightly rougher texture that feels like natural wood.

"Gloss Clear" - This finish provides the most durable preservation of your custom art frame, and provides an elegant sheen that compliments the luminescence of their Gold, Silver, and Copper metal leaf inlays and accents.